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A simple 4- or 5-page website can be just as effective in reaching new customers as a more elaborate site IF the copy (the text) on that website contains the keywords that your potential visitors are typing into their search engines.

On what we think of as a "regular" website (sometimes called a "brochure" website), it's just as important however to communicate your business message as it is to make it "keyword-rich." Most online buyers are sophisticated enough, though, to recognize a web page that has been peppered with keywords and has lost its "sentence-sense." They're likely to turn away from such a site, and choose instead a website that sounds like it has been written for humans to read rather than just for a search engine to consume.

Creating effective web page copy is therefore a balance between using the keywords that bring in visitors, and telling your business story. You and I will work together to identify your business' unique selling proposition (USP), and figure out how to tell the story within the pages of a standard website, if that's your preferred sales mode.

This carefully-crafted copy works on standard websites or on Wordpress blogs being used as a standard website. The issue is the content, not the platform, and I can help you decide what makes sense for the site we create.

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