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Database Projects

Your product, client, and membership data is vital to the operation of your business. Sometimes it's stored in one location and needs to be migrated to another. I'm an expert at moving data from one database to another, and I can help you if you need to move content around. Here are some examples:

  • Migrating an email list from one email broadcast service to another. Typically this is accompanied by an email campaign to prepare people on the list to opt-into the new list.
  • Moving product data from one database to another. I can add or remove columns of data during the transformation, so that if you want to add new options to a product or add a new address field, I can accomplish that for you.
  • Creating data-collection forms and databases. I can create a custom form and database for collecting information from your clients: polls, surveys, online applications, and so on. I can then create pages you can use to view and update the data as needed.

Data-Driven Websites

We can put these databases to work to support the content of your website as well, as I do on this very website. Storing data in a database is an efficient way to keep track of large amounts of content, and display it as needed on your website.

Membership Sites

Membership sites (paid or free) rely on databases to keep track of member data, content, and other relevant data. If you'd like a membership website, we can discuss a number of options to suit your business needs.

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Do you have a project that could use a web database to deliver content? Let's talk today about what your company needs. Click on the Live Chat icon if I'm online (or click the icon to send me an email if I'm not), book an initial consultation appointment online, or call me toll-free at 1-877-4TOOLIE (877-486-6543), and let's get to work!

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