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You are in business to make money, in addition to helping others. If you're putting a website or blog up on the Internet, then it makes sense to have it make money for you, especially since your site is available to sell for you while you're sleeping or away from your computer. There are specific techniques you can employ to enable that money-making scenario. I delve into these topics in detail on my Internet Business Consulting website, but I include summaries here for your convenience.

Kickstart Cart (E-Commerce Shopping Cart)

A good shopping cart system is the cornerstone of your online business. I highly recommend Kickstart Cart (a private label version of 1ShoppingCart) for your business, and I can help you integrate the Cart into your website or blog, including opt-in pages, thank you pages, and other supportive e-commerce features.

Article Marketing

Seach engines love content, wherever it may be found. You can add content to your websites by including articles you've written. You can also post them on Article Directories, or even have an articles website of your own.

Email Marketing

This is the most common form of online, person-to-person marketing. While newer techniques have appeared, email marketing still plays an important (and inexpensive) role in your online presence.

Mini E-Courses

Mini e-courses provide a content-based selling strategy that you can use to teach your clients what they need to know before buying from you. They're epecially useful if your particular product requires a lengthy sales cycle before closing a sale.

Social Media

You don't have to spend several hours per day on social media marketing to gain benefit from the immediacy of the interaction. There are simple techniques you can use to add your social media interactions to your websites and blogs. After we implement them, I can also direct you to the experts I follow for this important marketing mechanism.

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