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Membership sites are one of my favorite uses for Joomla because the built-in user controls make it very easy to segment your content. I found Joomla back in 2010 as a result of my own search for content management and membership site software for my training product and accompanying membership program. Joomla solved some long-standing issues I had with my existing website software back then, and Joomla is even better now for membership sites.

With Joomla, it's easy to create a free site that still requires a login, or you can create a paid membership site that collects a fee to belong. Joomla's customizable user groups and access levels make it easy to create content that can be accessed by more than one membership group. That eliminates the issue of duplicate content, and allows you to tantalize unpaid members with samples of paid or premium content.

My preferred membership control software is Amember, which integrates with dozens of website platforms, including Wordpress. That means that if you're already using Amember to manage your membership, migrating your content to Joomla will be comparatively easy because you can continue to use Amember.

I have the experience and the techniques to migrate your existing membership site to Joomla. Let's talk about your project during a free initial consultation that you can book online.

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