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Having a website is a great start, but if you want to actually make sales over the Internet, then there is more to be done. We can talk about keyword research and meta tags, but the strategic work actually starts much earlier than that.

Domain Name Selection

Of course you'll want your company name as your domain name, but what if it's already taken? What can you do about that? Would an alternate name be all right? Do you need misspelled domain names to support your primary domain? Let's talk about that!

Website Design and Usability

We can have the right images, graphics, and video placed on your site, but is your website user-friendly? Can your visitors find what they're looking for? Website design is also about usability, and I can help you determine whether your current site is usable and accessible to your prospects.

Ecommerce Strategies

You're ready to move from simply talking about your company on your website to creating a site that makes sales. There are specific steps you can take to turn your website visitor from prospect to customer, and I'm here to assist you as you set up your Internet Marketing machine.

Sales Funnels

A product "sales funnel" helps your prospects become customers through a series of ever-increasing investments in your products and services. Typically we start with free opt-in bonuses such as e-books or special reports, and move up the price range from there. You may already have products and services in place, but not in a particular order. I offer comprehensive content development consulting at my website We can work together to round out your product offerings and build up your business over time.

Shopping Cart and an Affiliate Program

Ecommerce tools like Hikashop are the cornerstone of an online business. Hikashop handles product sales (including taxes, shipping, and commissions); tracks customer data; and provides affiliate management, not to mention digital product delivery, email broadcasts, coupons, product bundles, and much, much more.

Let's say you already have a customer base of raving fans; why not invite them to help you sell by setting up an Affiliate Program that pays them commissions? Hikashop Enterprise version contains an Affiliate module that is all you need; that plus a little creativity and some instruction. I can help you with the nuts and bolts of setting up an Affiliate Program.

Participating in Affiliate Programs

And what about helping other companies whose products your company uses, or with whom you partner? Your company can be an affiliate of their programs. Let's discuss whether it makes sense to do so.

Email List Management

Email addresses you collect are like Internet gold, but you've got to know how to use them properly or they'll melt down and disappear. You also have to think about anti-SPAM compliance, and I can help you with that too. If you have databases that need to be merged and cleaned up, that's one of my specialties! AcyMailing integrates beautifully with a number of Joomla components, including Hikashop, so you can keep just one customer base for all your communications. It complies with US Federal laws for commercial messages such as providing an unsubscribe link in every email and supports ad tracking for effective sales analysis.

Website Analytics

Once we have your website humming, we can start testing for the most effective combinations of graphics, text, and layout so that your website becomes the sales center you want it to be. The most popular tool used for scientific, measurable testing that confirms what really works is Google Analytics, a free service. We can also take advantage of other tools offered on the Google Webmasters site.

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