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If you're the CEO, the secretary, the webmaster, AND the marketing person, my web skills training programs are for you. After we've gotten your websites set up and the content in place, you need to maintain it! You can be held hostage by your webmaster, or you can learn how to maintain the content yourself with my one-on-one and/or group training.

One-on-One Website Coaching

If you own a website or blog but don't know how to maintain it, it becomes a source of constant frustration rather than an automated sales force that delivers your business message and sells your products and services.

Very few Internet Marketers will admit that having HTML and Cascading Style Sheet skills is a necessity for operating an online business. They would rather tell you that you can get by without them so that they can sell you a quick fix that later leaves you no more skilled or empowered than before you spent your money.

I work with frustrated and disillusioned online marketers who realize that finally learning HTML and CSS will free them to spend time on content, sales, and marketing rather than flailing with website and blog formatting. We make a list of skills they need to acquire, and create a plan for achieving them.

By using my GoToMeeting account, my students and I can spend 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes together over the Internet. I can walk them through the tasks while they perform them so that they experience success with HTML and CSS instead of fear and frustration.

My one-on-one coaching website, has all the details about my coaching plans, and links to make an appoinment right there online. If you're ready to sign up for coaching time with me, visit

Custom Training Programs

The Internet is constantly changing, so you need to update your content to keep it fresh for return visitors. Each business has specific needs for their websites, and a content management plan that maps out consistent updates with new information is a good idea.

Online Staff Training

As soon as you have more than one person working on your website though, you need to train those persons to prevent accidental data loss with overlapping updates. I can set up and deliver training sessions over the Internet for your staff on the mechanics of website maintenance, as well as developing a plan to regularly and consistently update the content on yours site.

Screen-Capture Video Tutorials

One easy and inexpensive way to deliver custom training is through screen-capture video tutorials. You and I can devise a list of tutorials required, and then I can record, deliver and help you host them for your use.

Toolie's Webinars

Throughout the year, I create and deliver both free and paid webinars on Joomla, Email Marketing, Web Graphics, and other pertinent topics for online marketers. These practical webinars always include a resources page full of links to favorite websites and tools of value to entrepreneurs.

Periodically I also hold a "Website Makeover Night" where participants can submit their websites for evaluation and suggested improvements. Participants not only learn from having their own sites reviewed, but also gain valuable ideas from visiting and learning about other marketers' websites.

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