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The Joomla software itself is free to download. To that we can add a number of extensions that fill out the website features you need. I also add some critical extensions (such as a firewall) for which I hold an unlimited, annual license, and I include a portion of that license cost as a project fee.

Those critical, paid extensions usually renew annually. You can continue to use my licenses, or you can pay for your own when the renewal comes due. Otherwise, I will bill you annually for a small percentage of the total cost that represents your use of my licenses. Due to the combined cost savings, that annual fee is usually less than $50.

You will receive a written estimate for services rendered, including a breakdown of the license fees for any paid extensions and any extensions you select for which I have an unlimited license.

Most websites are quoted on a project basis wherever possible, rather than being billed hourly. Consequently, we can set up a payment plan for projects over $750, using automatic recurring billing to your credit card. I accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express, as well as PayPal.

I do require a 50% deposit before work begins, and payments are typically billed 30 days apart until payment is complete. Please contact me if you have questions about your bill.

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We Accept Visa, Mastercards, Discover, American Express, and PayPalWe Accept Major Credit Cards
and PayPal

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